Writings 1250-1499

Didymus the Blind (#1255): (PDF needed of other texts)
Commentary on Zechariah

Macarius (#1256): (PDF needed of other texts)
Fifty Spiritual Homilies

Cyril of Jerusalem (#1257): (PDF includes texts of Gregory Nazianzus)

Eutropius (#1263):
Abridgement of Roman History

Constitutions of the Apostles (#1269)

Eunomius of Cyzicus (#1270):
His Writings

Acts of Philip (#1271)

Tiburtine Oracle (#1273)

Callistratus (#1274): (PDF includes works of Philostratus the younger and Philostratus the elder)

Julian the Apostate (#1276):
Julian 1
Julian 2
Julian 3

Evagrius Ponticus (#1277): (PDF needed of other texts)
Evagrius 1
Evagrius 2

Diodorus (#1282):
Commentary on the Psalms

Maximus (#1296):
The Dissertations

Eunapius (#1305): (PDF includes text of Philostratus)
Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists

Socrates of Constantinople (#1306): (PDF includes Sozomen)
Ecclesiastical History

Asterius of Amasa (#1308): (PDF needed of other texts)
Five Homilies

John Chrysostom (#1309): (PDF needed for other texts)
Chrysostom 1
Chrysostom 2
Chrysostom 3
Chrysostom 4
Chrysostom 5
Chrysostom 6
Eight homilies against the Jews
Four Discourses

Palladius (#1310):

Macarius (#1312):

Theodoret (#1316): (PDF needed for other texts)
Commentary on Psalms 75-150
Commentary on Daniel
Questions on Genesis and Exodus
Questions on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy

Cyril of Alexandria (#1317): (PDF needed for other texts)
Cyril 1
Cyril 2
Cyril 3
Commentary on John 1
Commentary on John 2
Commentary on Luke 1
Commentary on Luke 2
Commentary on the Twelve Prophets 1
Commentary on the Twelve Prophets 2
Commentary on the Twelve Prophets 3

Letters 1-50

Aphthonia (#1324): (PDF includes the progymnasmata of three other writers)

Horapollo (#1325):

Nonnus (#1330): (PDF of other text needed)
Dionysiaca 1
Dionysiaca 2
Dionysiaca 3

Sozomon (#1331): (PDF includes Socrates of Constantinople)
Ecclesiastical History

Nestorius (#1338): (PDF of other texts needed)
Bazaar of Heracleides

Mark the Deacon (#1352):
Life of Porphyry

Agathangelos (#1355):
History of Gregory

Proclus (#1365): (PDF needed of other texts)
On Providence and the Nature of Evil
Six Books of Platonic Theology
The Elements of Theology

Marinus of Neapolis (#1367): (PDF needed of other texts)
Life of Proclus

Coluthus (#1368): (PDF includes texts of Oppian and Tryphiodorus)

Zosimus (#1375):

Dionysius the Areopagite (#1381)

Zacharias Rhetor (#1382): (PDF needed of other texts)

John Malalas (#1385):

Leontius of Byzantium (#1396): (PDF needed of other texts)
Against Apollinarists

Damascius (#1397): (PDF needed of other texts)
Difficulties and Solutions of First Principles

Musaeus Grammaticus (#1398): (PDF needed of other text)
Hero and Leander

Evagrius Scholasticus (#1414):
Ecclesiastical History

Oecumenius (#1427): (PDF needed of other texts)
Commentary on the Apocalypse

Aristaenetus (#1439):

John Philoponus (#1444): (PDF needed of other texts)

Procopius of Caesarea (#1451):
Wars 1
Wars 2
Wars 3
Wars 4
Wars 5
Secret History

Cosmas Indicopleustes (#1453):
Christian Topography

Choricius of Gaza (#1456): (PDF needed of other texts)
Orations and Declamations

John Moschus (#1471):
The Spiritual Meadow

Maximus the Confessor (#1474): (PDF needed of his other texts)
Some of Maximus’ writings

John Climachus (#1475):
The Ladder of Divine Ascent

Andrew of Caesarea (#1477):
Commentary on the Apocalypse

Paul of Aegina (#1490):
Seven Books

Theodore Syncellus (#1498):

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